Six-String Bliss’ Celebrates 6-Months

With episode 22, set to go live on May 15th, 2006, the podcast ‘Six-String Bliss’ celebrates six months as iTunes’ only guitar talk show.
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Andrew ‘Pipes’ Pipers and Tyler ‘PT’ Hylton started the podcast in November 2005. “We wanted to make the show as a sort of love letter to our favorite instrument and everyone who plays it,” says PT. “It was something that was missing from the radio and podcasting scenes. An entertaining and informative talk show that feels like hanging out with your buddies at the local guitar shop.” They put together an hour-long weekly format that focused on in depth discussion of guitar players, products and the guitarist community.

The first episode launched on November 15th, and guitar lovers began to take notice. “It felt pretty great when the listener responses started coming in,” says Pipes. “I’ll never forget the first time we got an e-mail from outside of the United States. I suddenly realized that people all over the world were listening.”

The listener base continued to increase in both number and dedication, with one listener writing and producing theme music for the show and another building a web forum. “The listeners are great,” continues Pipes. “It has become their show as much as ours.”

So what do the guys have in store for the future of the show? “More interviews, more reviews, more rants and more guitar-talk fun,” says PT. “In other words, more Six-String Bliss.”