Sir Paul McCartney Receives George Gershwin Prize

 Geoff Emerick captures “a moment in time” with JBL LSR6300 Series Studio Monitors.
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By Peter Chaikin

Geoff Emerick captures “a moment in time” with JBL LSR6300 Series Studio Monitors.

Geoff Emerick at the original EMI REDD.51 desk with JBL LSR6300 Series Studio Monitors.

In June of 2010, Sir Paul McCartney was honored with the Library of Congress George Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, presented by President Obama in an evening ceremony at the White House. The event featured a star studded concert of artists including the Jonas Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello, Corinne Bailey Rae, Herbie Hancock, Emmy Lou Harris and others, who performed McCartney songs for Paul, seated in the audience with the President and First Lady. The evening event was recorded for Broadcast on PBS, July 28th, 2010.

Legendary engineer Geoff Emerick recounted, “In the recording truck, I was working with John Harris who did a great job. After the concert, I mixed the tracks at Village Recorders in West LA. Our finished mixes were laid back to video for the broadcast.” As he has for numerous recent projects, Emerick used JBL LSR6300 Series studio monitors for the mix sessions. “When I’m mixing I like to feel I’ve captured a moment in time,” Emerick said. “To me, there’s only one mix, and that’s the real mix. Like lots of engineers, I was having problems when I’d listen to mixes outside of the control room. Often, the relationship between instruments and vocals is not consistent. However, since I’ve started mixing on the JBL LSR Series, the perspective in the mastering room has been exactly the same as in the control room. They have that quality and punch I’m used to getting from the drums and the bass, and the guitars of course — that really good, solid sound.”

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