Sherlock Audio Canada Introduces The SpeakerMate Combo Amp Expander

The SpeakerMate Combo Amp Expander by Sherlock Audio Canada was designed in response to requests for a SpeakerMate specifically designed to address the shortcomings of many combo amps. The majority of combo amps either don''t feature an external speaker jack or don''t allow the use of the combo''s internal speaker along with any additional, external speaker cabinet, at the same time. The SpeakerMate CX offers combo amp owners several possible setups.
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The new multi-function SpeakerMate CX will now allow any typical combo amp to either power an external speaker cabinet separately, or in tandem with the combo's speaker. A separate function of the SpeakerMate CX also allows a number of different speaker impedance combinations to be used with or without the combo's internal speaker.

SpeakeMate designer Gilles Grignon states, for example, that a typical 50 to 100 watt,1x12" combo could be used as a "head" to power additional 2x12, 4x10 or 4x12 speaker cabinets with or without your combo's internal speaker, regardless whether it had suitable output connectors or not. All SpeakerMate products are designed & hand built in Canada.

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