Seymour Duncan/Basslines' SFX-06 Paranormal Takes the Direct Approach

Seymour Duncan/Basslines'' new SFX-06 Paranormal Bass EQ Direct Box is not your ordinary direct box. Like all DIs, it sports a balanced line out XLR jack with ground lift so you can feed a front-of-house mixing board or a recording console with no loss of signal. But that‚s where the similarities end, because the Paranormal also features three bands of active EQ specifically optimized for bass. This allows the bass player to dial in their tone in any room, sculpting lows, mids, and highs quickly and easily with up to 12dB of boost or cut for each band of EQ. It''s the perfect solution for bassists who want the flexibility of an active system but don''t want to modify their instrument.

The SFX-06 also features Basslines' proprietary Slap Contour switch, which applies an additional preset EQ curve to whatever settings you've chosen with the 3-band EQ. This produces a tone that's perfect for slap playing but also works great as an alternate sound for fingerstyle or pick playing. This switchable function makes the Paranormal even more flexible onstage and in the studio. It's a must for every gig and every session.

The Paranormal runs on a single 9-volt battery or a regulated DC power supply and features true bypass. And like all Seymour Duncan/Basslines pedals, it's built like tank.