Seymour Duncan Lava Box

The Lava Box ($149 retail/ $99 street) tackles the distortion equation from a different angle via its 6-position Rumble switch, which lets you tailor the low-end response of the pedal to accommodate a wide variety of guitars and pickups.
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The Lava Box has Gain and Volume controls, a true-bypass footswitch, and a 2.1mm jack for use with an external 9-volt power supply (not included). Slightly inconvenient is having to remove four screws to open the steel enclosure in order to change the battery.

Even at low Gain settings the Lava’s abundant output lets you pump a fiercely hot signal into your amp. Conversely, you can also obtain a mondo amount of rich grind at very tame output levels. The response is superbly dynamic, and even when using a fairly high gain setting, I easily got cleaner rhythm textures by turning down my guitar, The Rumble switch proved very handy for beefing up single-coils, trimming the fat from humbuckers to improve clarity, and making tones sound girthier when playing at lower volumes. At its most bass-nuking position, the Rumble switch can totally eviscerate your sound too—perfect for creating those weedily intro tones that bands are so fond of these days.

Effective Rumble switch. Extremely dynamic. Plenty of gain and output.

No easy way to access battery.

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