Second Edition of Finale Guide Released

Following up on its earlier Finale how-to guidebook, Berklee Press is releasing the second edition of Finale: An Easy Guide to Music Notation. This new book provides a comprehensive, step-by-step exploration of all of the capabilities and applications of the latest versions of Finale, including its uses in the classroom.

Easy-to-follow instructions will help readers create publisher-quality music notation, learn to use the tools of Finale while writing their own music and arrangements; automatically print transposed parts from scores; and write standard notation, guitar tablature, and drum set parts, among other items.

Teachers can use this book to create warm-up and practice exercises; write their own compositions, arrangements, and method books; and simplify parts for students.

Written by music educator Thomas E. Rudolph and producer and composer Vincent A. Leonard, Jr., Finale: An Easy Guide to Music Notation is compatible with Finale 2005 versions for both MacOS and Windows. The book comes complete with a companion Web site containing dozens of downloadable resources to complement readers' learning experiences:

  • Tutorial Files.
  • Samples of partially completed and finished music notation files for each of the hundreds of hands-on exercises in the book.
  • Libraries of articulations and dynamics.
  • Additional chapters.

Professional templates: choral, concert band, jazz ensemble, marching band, orchestra, single-line and grand staff, pit and show, and sketch and utilities templates, including a cue sheet for radio and television.

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