Sean Baker

Guitarist: Sean BakerAge: 36Style: Heavy instrumental shredInfluences: Bruce Bouillet, Paul Gilbert, Eddie Van Halen, Jason BeckerMain Guitar: Ibanez PGM 300Location: Rockwood, Michigan
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Background: Upon hearing Van Halen’s “Eruption” at age 11, Baker immediately began taking guitar lessons, and ended up spending eight hours a day practicing. He recalls having a different guitar hero every week, and players such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Paul Gilbert blew him away—the latter’s solo on “Frenzy” motivated him to dig deeper and learn music theory. Baker’s love of instrumental music led him to record The Sean Baker Orchestra, mixed by ex-Racer X guitarist Bruce Bouillet, who also plays on one track. A guitarist with a full complement of requisite techniques and chops, Baker’s goal is “to play the loudest, most aggressive, melodic, shredding, head-banging music on the planet.”