Scott Allen

Guitarist: Scott AllenAge: 30Style: Instrumental rockInfluences: Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Neal SchonMain Guitar: Ibanez RG 3120 PrestigeLocation: Sacramento, CA
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Background: A live Van Halen video inspired Allen to begin playing guitar at age 11. Allen later relocated to Hollywood to attend G.I.T., where he studied with Scott Henderson, Brett Garsed, and Steve Trovato. After graduating in 1996, Allen accepted a teaching position at the Northridge Music Center, and assembled his own group, The Scott Allen Project. Allen’s What Lies Beyond Worlds—produced by Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon—was released in 2001, and will be re-released later this year, along with a follow-up instrumental CD. With heavy riffs setting the tone for many of his compositions, Allen utilizes some great Jeff Beck-like blues phrases, Van Halen-like aggression, and a full palate of shred chops.