Schecter Diamond Series C-1 Custom

With its double cutaway body, 24e" scale length, and two humbuckers, the C 1 Custom instantly catches the eye of anyone looking for a “best of both worlds,” Fender meets Gibson kind of guitar.

With its double-cutaway body, 24e" scale length, and two humbuckers, the C-1 Custom instantly catches the eye of anyone looking for a “best of both worlds,” Fender-meets-Gibson kind of guitar. The model here is finished in a beautiful tobacco sunburst over a sumptuous quilted maple top. The binding is clean, the split crown inlays look great, and the pearl buttons on the bitchin’ locking Schecter tuners round out the classy vibe. Hitting a chord on the C-1 reveals a strong acoustic voice with plenty of sustain—always a good sign.


Into the Randall Lynch Box, the C-1 delivered fat, clear humbucker tones. The Duncan ’59 in the neck position is particularly sweet sounding, ringing on the lower gain settings and singing on the high-gain side. The C-1 Custom’s Custom Custom in the bridge is punchy and tough, with excellent midrange snarl and enough top end to cut through a raucous rock mix. The master Tone knob sports a push-pull pot to split the coils on both pickups. This is a great bonus and adds a ton of flexibility. Pulling the knob up and rolling the volume down produced a zingier neck tone, great for funky blues. Splitting the bridge pickup made for a bright, spanky tone that would work in a country tune. Because each pickup has its own Volume knob, the real fun is when you blend them. There are truckloads of nice colors to be found here, both in humbucker and split mode.

Playability is a breeze on the C-1 thanks to the super-clean frets and great setup, and that makes monster bends and legato runs no problem. The medium-beefy neck profile is comfortable and the Ultra Access neck joint makes it absurdly easy to reach all the way up to the 24th fret.

It’s tough to find fault with the C-1. Anyone who wants a classically inspired look with modern craftsmanship in a machine that can rock and shred needs to play this guitar.

CONTACT Schecter Guitars,

PRICE $999 retail/$699 street

NUTWIDTH 1 11/16"

NECK 24 3/4" 3-piece set maple with Ultra Access neck joint


FRETS 24 medium

BODY Mahogany with quilted maple top

PICKUPS Seymour Duncan SH1-59 (neck) and SH11 Custom Custom (bridge) humbuckers

CONTROLS Two Volume, one Tone (with push/pull coil split), 3-way switch

BRIDGE Tune-o-matic style with thru-body stringing

TUNERS Schecter Locking with pearl buttons

FACTORYSTRINGS D’Addario XL110, .010-.046

WEIGHT 7.44 lbs

KUDOS Slick construction. Great playability. Killer deal.


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