Samson Introduces a Spate of New Gear

Samson Technologies, building on a steadfast reputation and starting 2005 the right way, is introducing four new pieces of equipment sure to appeal to a wide range of players.
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SX Amps
This completely new line of amplifiers—SX-1200, SX-1800, SX-2400, and SX-2800—features more power, flexible operation, rock solid performance and a competitive price range.

The SX-1200 is a class AB amplifier that offers ease of operation and power to effectively drive a small PA, monitor fills, or fixed installation system. Stereo operation is available down to 2 Ohms at 600-Watts per side, as well as a 4 Ohm bridged mono mode providing the full 1200-Watts of power.

The SX-1800 produces 1800-Watts of power from a class AB amplifier design. Stable at 2 Ohms like the entire SX line, the SX-1800 lets you run a system at a blistering 900-Watts per side in stereo mode thanks to the internal amplifier design and variable-speed fan cooling.

The SX-2400 utilizes a high output Class H rail-switching amplifier design, allowing 1200 Watts per side or 2400 Watts bridged mono at 4 Ohms. This kind of power is suited for large multi-format full-range and subwoofer systems. With locking XLR inputs and Speakon™ speaker outputs, connections are secure, solid and worry free.

The most powerful SX Amplifier in the lineup, the SX-2800, boasts 2800-Watts of power in a two rack space design. Billed as ideal for driving 18” sub fills or large front-of-house mains in larger venues, the SX-2800 offers clean, worry free power, and a lot of it.

Auro Playback Speakers
Touted as a new line of affordable all-purpose speakers, the Auro Playback Speakers are suited for contractors and consumer audio application. The new Auro 3, Auro 5, Auro 6 and Auro 8 Multi-Purpose Playback Speakers feature high quality components and promise pristine quality sound.

The Auro 3 features a 3.5 inch Mica Impregnated cone, Butyl Surround Woofer in 2-way sealed cabinets, matched with 13mm PEI Dome Tweeters, and boasts 100 Watts of peak power. The Auro 5 features a 5-inch Mica Impregnated cone, Butyl Surround Woofer in 2-way sealed cabinets, matched with the same 13mm PEI Dome Tweeters, and provides up to 140 Watts of peak power handling. The Auro 6 is designed with vented cabinets and extended bass response thanks to the 6-1/2-inch Butyl Surround Woofers. Larger 20mm PEI Dome Tweeters provide smooth highs, giving the speakers a wide frequency response and enabling them to handle 180 Watts of peak power. The largest in the line is the Auro 8, featuring 8-inch Mica Impregnated Cone, Butyl Surround Woofers and ported cabinets for great bass response. The 25mm PEI Dome Tweeters make the Auro 8 an awesome full range speaker pair, pushing 220 Watts of peak power.

Each pair of Auro speakers includes two different mounting brackets that allow for two mounting options: a low profile straight ahead fixed position, and an angle adjustment, allowing the speaker to be positioned down from a ceiling or in from a corner. All models can also be mounted to standard US and European microphone stands.

ConcertLine Mics
The latest in microphones from Samson is ConcertLine. The dynamic mics in the line are the Q4 and Q6. The Q4 has a multi-axis, shock-mounted Neodymium dynamic mic element, and cardioid pickup pattern. The Q6 dynamic handheld steps it up a notch with a super cardioid pickup pattern for better off axis response. The Q6 offers more gain and higher output.

The ConcertLine 4KIT is a microphone solution for drummers. The 4KIT includes the best of the Samson drum microphones including 1 Q-Snare with integrated rim mount clip for precise snare drum micing, 2 Q-Toms for dynamic tom micing with integrated rim mount clip, and 1 Q-Kick, for capturing the low-end attack of bass drums.

The Samson ConcertLine also includes the new C15 studio condenser mic and the C05 handheld condenser mic. The C15 features a shock-mounted element with an enhanced super-cardioid pickup pattern and super flat frequency response. The 48-Volt phantom power mic features a mic stand adapter and a gold plated XLR connection. The Samson C05 handheld condenser mic features19mm multi-axis shock mounted capsule, condenser optimized cardioid pickup pattern, gold plated XLR connection, 48-volt phantom power operation.

The C01/C02 recording package is also a recent addition to the ConcertLine series. It includes a Samson C01 large diaphragm studio condenser and a C02 pencil condenser. Samson has also developed a lavelier mic, the QL5. The design of the QL5 tie clip allows the microphone to be easily attached in position, and a 20-foot cable, PM5 XLR adapter and windscreen are all included in the QL5 ConcertLine package.

Resolv Monitor for Desktops
The Resolv Series of studio monitors continues to grow, and the Resolv 40a are an ultra-compact version. They have a 50-watt power section providing 25-watts to each speaker, and each Resolv 40a incorporates a 4-inch polypropylene cone, butyl surround woofer for extended low end and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter for detailed highs. The two-way system features a port-tuned enclosure with RCA input connections and a front panel volume control.

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