Sabine Swings New AX Tuner, Now With Magnapad

Sabine is introducing a new version of their ground-breaking AX Contact Tuner. The new high-end AX3000 incorporates several major improvements, and it features the new MagnaPad mounting system, which makes the tuner attach and release just like a magnet.
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The original AX Tuner changed the way many players think about tuners. Like the original, the AX3000 mounts on the instrument and is always there ready for use. The built-in contact mic makes this cordless tuner perfect for almost any stringed instrument, both electric and acoustic.

The MagnaPad is a new 21st century material with a phenomenal ability to stay put, yet it releases with a twist. It works just like a magnet. If the user pulls the AX Tuner straight up and off, the tuner won’t budge. But as soon as a twist is applied, the MagnaPad releases and the tuner comes right off. And because this new material works by attraction, not adhesion, it will not mar the instrument’s finish.

When a note is struck the chromatic AX3000 responds instantly, displaying the note and holding it longer for easy tuning. It grabs those low notes all the way down to the bottom end of a 5-string bass, and the highest notes on mandolins. The new MagnaPad magnifies the note for the contact mic and the Sabine’s super-fast tuning circuit beams the note’s status to the three-color LED display. This unique IndiColor™ LED display combines the note indicator and sharp/flat indicator into one easy to read display. Each LED flashes yellow for flat, red for sharp, and green when you are in tune, and the flash rate indicates how far the note is from in-tune.

The AX3000 includes Sabine’s Auto Recalibration function, which allows the user to calibrate the tuner to any other instrument. Players can put the tuner on a piano for example, and with one touch the tuner can be calibrated to match the pitch of the piano. Everyone in the band can now tune to the piano quickly and accurately.

AX3000s come in black or in three wood-tone colors (rosewood, burl, and teak) and each tuner comes in its own DomeHome hard-shell case and includes a long-life Lithium battery. And like every Sabine music accessory, the AX3000 is backed by Sabine’s two-year warranty.

Sabine also manufactures the industry standard STX1100 AutoTuner, the NexTune 6z and 12z Guitar and Chromatic Tuners, The RT-7000 Series Rack Tuners with the Swoop Display, the MT9000 MetroTune, and the ZipBeat-6000 Metronome. Visit the Sabine website at