Roland Ships Rosewood Finished Acoustic Amps

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The new AC-33 and AC-60, two models in Roland's popular line of Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifiers, are now shipping in an attractive rosewood finished appearance. An alternative to the standard stage-ready black finish, the wood styling gives players a natural look that blends with home environments and nicely complements the traditional construction of acoustic instruments.

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The AC-33-RW and AC-60-RW are outfitted with rosewood-finish cabinets and brown grille cloth. The electronic features are identical to the respective standard models (AC-33 and AC-60), which remain available in black finishes with black grille cloth.

All Acoustic Chorus amps provide extremely natural sound amplification of acoustic guitars and other acoustic instruments. They can do double-duty as portable PA systems, and offer dual-channel configurations for connecting up to two instruments or one instrument and a microphone.

Designed for both high-quality sound and supreme portability, the AC-33 is the world’s first AA battery-powered amp designed specifically for the acoustic guitar. It features instrument, XLR microphone, and AUX inputs, along with built-in digital effects, an intelligent automatic anti-feedback function, an onboard looper, and an integrated tilt stand for enhanced sound projection.

With a stereo 60-watt design and dual 6.5-inch speakers, the slightly larger and more powerful AC-60 is perfect for situations where a little more volume and projection is desired. It offers guitar and guitar/mic channels, as well as digital effects, anti-feedback, an AUX input, and an integrated tilt stand.

All amps in the Acoustic Chorus line come equipped with Roland’s famous stereo chorus effect, as well as easy-to-use reverb and ambience effects. In addition, the unique anti-feedback function ensures worry-free operation in high-volume situations by automatically detecting and eliminating acoustic instrument feedback before it starts.

Each Acoustic Chorus amp also comes with a durable and stylish shoulder bag that provides padded protection during transport.

MSRP is $625.50 for the AC-33-RW and $739.50 for the AC-60-RW. For more information, please visit: and