Roland Nipp

Guitarist: Roland NippAge: 41Style: Jazz, rock, and progInfluences: Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, and Mark KnopflerMain Guitar: Fender StratocasterLocation: Richmond, B.C., Canada
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Background: Nipp began playing guitar at the age of 13, inspired by groups such as Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, and the Beatles, as well as classic R&B and Motown. His tastes later broadened to include jazz artists such as Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett, and, by age 18, he was playing some of the best venues in Canada. Nearly a decade ago, Nipp recorded his highly acclaimed debut, The Blue Room, on which he played all of the instruments. Nipp also played everything on 2004's By Night, a cinematic album reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, and the Beatles.