Roger Mayer Voodoo-XX

KNOBS Drive, EQ (High Band; Drive, EQ (Low Band); Mix, Output
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$459 retail/$319 street

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KNOBS Drive, EQ (High Band; Drive, EQ (Low Band); Mix, Output

SOUNDS Smoother and fatter sounding than most fuzz pedals, the Voodoo-XX packs an outstanding range of ballsy tones. This pedal doesn’t do sputtery transistor or ring-modulator-type sounds, but its sweet, punchy grind can be dialed in easily for soaring tones with humbuckers or single- coils thanks to the dual-band EQ and copious amounts of gain and output on tap. The ability to blend fuzz textures is very hip, and the circuit responds well to your touch and guitar volume dynamics.

WHO’S IT FOR? Players who want a fuzz that sounds consistent and adapts well to different styles while preserving the sound of your guitar.


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