Rocky Mountain Slide Company Announces New Models

Rocky Mountain Slide Company has announced a number of new slide models. First is a "Signature Series" of slides from artists including Big Bill Morganfield, Alex Gomez, Tony Vega, Seth Davis, Papa Mali and Colin John.
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Also RMS has a slide model for those that play with their pinkys, "The Shavano." This is also a great model for those with smaller hands or long skinny fingers. At 7/8th" it's tighter than the Salidan or the Blues Boy models.

Also new is The Columbine, named after the State Flower of Colorado. The Columbine is the smallest I.D. ( inner diamiter ) slide that RMS offers, at 5/8th". These are great for female players that require a smaller interior, or for those that need a tighter fit than the Shavano offers. As with all their ceramic finger slides, RMS offers 3/4 length or "Shorty" versions as well.

Last but not least are three models of palm slides (or Tone Bars as some know them).

The first is called the "Poncha Bullet" and is really a hybrid of both a bullet-style and the rail-style tone bars, with an RMS twist. Ideal for dobro, lap or pedal players.

The other palm slide has real nice feel and balance in the hand, great weight and a tone all its own. It's called the "Rocky Mt. Rail Rock-it." A shorter version called the "Junior Rock-it" is ideal for those looking for a shorter bar.

All these ceramic models are available in these color options: Electric Blue, Mojo Green, Voodoo Black, and the new Hellhound Red.

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