Rockit Guitar

“I got the idea for the Rockit guitar after staring at my motorcycle’s gas tank a million times,” explains chief Rockit-teer Rod MacKenzie. “The first prototype I built was basically an old Dean neck attached to an actual steel gas tank. It was cool, and it got lots of attention, but it weighed 28 pounds, so it wasn’t all that practical. It took me about a year to perfect the concept.”
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The production model Rockit guitar weighs only nine pounds, and it features a custom maple neck constructed by Bruce Johnson of Johnson’s Extremely Strange Musical Instrument Company, who also hand cuts and details the flame headstock. The neck sports an Indian rosewood fretboard, and is fitted with a proprietary truss rod system. It joins the body via a special aluminum neck pocket.

The Rockit contains two modified Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups, which are routed to a linear volume control with a push-pull coil-tap switch, a master tone control, and a 3-way pickup selector. The “speedometer” is actually a digital chromatic tuner with LED note and sharp/flat indicators. The instruments are available in 12 candy colors, with numerous options, and each one is custom painted by MacKenzie.

There will be a limited production run of 500 guitars, 350 of which will be standard models retailing for $4,995, and 150 will be Special Edition First Series models with 24-carat gold, platinum, or silver neck inlays, and 4mm diamond fret markers, retailing for $6,995.

A matching Soldano Rockit V-Twin 2x12 combo amp designed especially for use with the Rockit guitar is also available for $4,495 retail.