Rocco Prestia Teaming Up with Eden for New Bass Amps

Eden Electronics has announced their collaboration with Bass pioneer Rocco Prestia to design a new amplifier and speaker system to address his specific needs. This project will be the first to be produced by Eden''s new Custom Shop.
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Prestia, a driving force behind the influential band Tower of Power for more than thirty years, will work directly with Eden founder and director of Research & Development David Nordschow to create the amplifier system. Once completed and approved by Rocco, it will be available through Special Order via Eden's dealer network.

Nordschow feels this is the perfect project with which to debut Eden's new Custom Shop. "Rocco's playing style makes very high demands on his equipment. He needs something he's never had, a bass rig that will keep up with him, one that is musically proficient and has a simple, clean design. This is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of our entire design and engineering team."

During his career, Prestia has inspired generations of bassists around the world with his innovative "Fingerstyle Funk." His unique approach to the instrument has significantly changed the role of the bass in modern music. Nordshow believes that Rocco's keen insight "will help create an amplifier to please even the most demanding bassists."

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