RKS Guitars Introduces The Wave Custom Electric Guitars

RKS Guitars latest model, "The Wave," is an ultra-resonant, supermodel-sleek, composite-body beauty, The Wave is the first guitar ever to offer user-friendly, fully interchangeable body shells and pick guards.
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Options for customizing The Wave will include a spectrum of vibrant colors and graphic applications, and bare models offering a do-it-yourself painting experience. Different woods will be available, as well as varied profiles—players can switch from an aggressive stage design like the RKS Boomerang to a more traditional hollow or solid body to suit their mood or their method.

RKS Guitars President/COO Paul Janowski said, "We strategized to find a way to make our guitars less expensive, but at the same time retain the essential character, quality construction, stability and close tolerances that give RKS' original line its unique sound and resonance."

To get there, Janowski—who's been with RKS' guitar development project since day one--and Ravi K. Sawhney turned to a bolt-on neck concept they'd been playing with. They found that mechanically, the way it integrated with the molded body's composite core produced an ultra-resonant tone that was fabulous indeed. And, because the design was lighter and more compact than their existing guitars—which start in the neighborhood of $2,000—The Wave was able to function well without supporting aluminum ribs, a realization that allowed RKS to meet the new product's requirement for cost effectiveness as well.

The Wave is hand-fitted with a neck fashioned of North American rock maple and a fingerboard composed of rosewood--fingers will fly on familiar surfaces and on some of the most precision fretwork around. The Wave is also outfitted with custom-made Lace humbucking pickups, and the groundbreaking Groove Knobs and Posifly pickup selector switch are located in positions that are ergonomically ideal and conveniently placed.

For more information, visit their web site at www.rksguitars.com.