RJM Music Technology Introduces the Amp Gizmo

The Amp Gizmo gives musicians a way to add MIDI control to equipment that doesn''t normally have such capabilities. This allows users to control all of their equipment from a single MIDI controller, eliminating the need to "tap dance" between multiple foot switches.
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When used with amplifiers, the Amp Gizmo replaces the amp's footswitch, enabling MIDI control of all footswitchable functions. The Amp Gizmo is compatible with virtually any equipment that has a footswitch or remote switching jack, and it can regulate up to eight individual functions.

For added safety and functionality, all switching jacks are electrically isolated. This eliminates ground loops and makes it possible to safely control multiple devices from a single unit.

The Amp Gizmo has a powder coated steel enclosure designed to fit in half of a standard EIA 19" rack space. The unit includes a one-year warranty.

For more information, visit their web site at www.rjmmusic.com.