Riff Interactive Releases Speed Techniques CD-ROM

The latest guitar lesson CD-ROM from Riff Interactive is Speed Techniques - Guitar Lick of the Day.
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Shred, burn, rip, and fly are just a few words used to describe the art of playing fast on the guitar. Assembled in this series are many of the essential exercises, techniques and licks author Lyle Ronglien used to develop his own speed. Exercises covered in this series are warm-ups, right hand picking, left hand hammer-ons, and left hand pull-offs.

The CD-ROM software features:

  • Interactive tab/notation that syncs to the actual guitar audio
  • Virtual guitar neck showing the notes being played and the fingering
  • Select, loop, slow media and tab notation down to your desired speed while maintaining original pitch
  • Videos and looping jam tracks to practice with
  • Transcription of lessons where actual students interact with teacher

Lyle Ronglien teaches guitar lessons over the Internet, plays lead guitar in one of Seattle's local bands (Franks In Opera), and produces music for national TV and radio commercials, as well as music for national recording artists (En Vogue and others).

The Riff Interactive CD-ROM catalog which contains previews of each product is at: www.riffinteractive.com/catalo¨g/catalog.htm.