Riff Interactive Adds Arpeggio Lessons to CD Lineup

Riff Interactive, a developer of interactive guitar lesson CD-ROMs, live internet music lessons, and online celebrity seminars, has released a new Interactive Guitar Lesson CD-ROM product from guitar educator Lyle Ronglien.

Arpeggio Applications is designed to help you create new riffs and new sounds, no matter what your style may be. This series of lessons will teach you arpeggios and some creative ideas on how to apply them while improvising. An arpeggio is playing the tones of a chord melodically rather than harmonically. You can learn a few basic arpeggios, and then apply a few simple substitution rules to create different sounding arpeggios from the same ordinary ones you know.

Lyle Ronglien teaches guitar lessons over the Internet, plays lead guitar in one of Seattle's local bands (The Machine), and produces music for national TV and radio commercials, as well as music for national recording artists (En Vogue and others).

The CD-ROM features:

  • Interactive tab/notation that syncs to the actual guitar audio.
  • Virtual guitar neck showing the notes being played and the fingering.
  • Select, loop, slow media and tab notation down to your desired speed while maintaining original pitch.
  • Videos and looping jam tracks to practice with.
  • Transcription of live lessons where actual students interact with teacher.

The Riff Interactive CD-ROM catalog, which contains previews of each product, can be found online at www.riffinteractive.com/catalog/catalog.htm. All new CDs retail for $10.95, but are currently on sale for $9.95.