Richie Allen And The Pacific Surfers

Surfer’s Slide The Rising Surf
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Producer, guitarist Richie Allen (real name, Richie Podolor), was a staple in Southern California’s studio scene, playing on numerous surf and hot rod records. Signed to Imperial Records in 1960, Allen and nearly everyone else in Los Angeles were swept up in the surf wave by 1963, the year both Surfer’s Slide and The Rising Surf, were released. However, although these reissues are essential for anyone interested in surf music and guitar, this isn’t the wild and reckless, high-energy Dick Dale stuff we all know and love (the squeaky-clean cover of “Rumble” from The Rising Surf makes this point as clear as the balls on a tall dog). Instead, these albums are tightly orchestrated, superbly recorded, instrumental music that is, well, rather polite. A certain Tommy Tedesco handles some guitar duties on Surfer’s Slide, the slightly grittier of the two albums, and Allen himself is a great player. Hell, the spanky surf tones and bellowing Fender VI textures are reason enough to delve into these reissues. (Sundazed).