ReMOTE 25 SL Added to Novation's Controller Lineup

The next generation ReMOTE 25 SL USB MIDI controller keyboard, launched at the 119th AES Convention, is Novation''s new flagship controller, featuring logically positioned pots, encoders, sliders and buttons, along with two brightly backlit LCDs to display 16 different parameter names and values at any one time.

This means that controlling 'in the dark' is a thing of the past and the user can focus on the controller alone, without having to constantly move back and forth between the keyboard and the computer or rely on remembering which encoder does what. In addition, the screens make Menu navigation infinitely simpler, having multiple pages simultaneously on view on the left screen, with helpful information and instructions on the right.

For too long, the performing and producing musician has been plagued by overlay sheets, or having to rely on limited displays and therefore their own memory. This has been compounded by the need to continually switch between controlling different VSTs and instruments, making the job of the controller keyboard even more demanding. Until now, Novation controllers have done their best to make the task as easy as possible for the user but, to some extent, these problems have held people back and added valuable time and effort to the music making process. Such concerns are now a thing of the past.

The ReMOTE SL also boasts a brand new 'intelligent' Automap mode for controlling multiple plug-ins and instruments within certain applications. Complete integration with Reason3 and Cubase VST instruments is available straight out of the box, with other sequencers to follow soon after the product ships. In the Automapping mode, all of the plug-in's or instrument's controls are cleverly and intuitively mapped to defined areas of the ReMOTE SL.

For example, all filter controls are sent to the first four encoders and all amplitude envelopes to the first four sliders. Consequently, the user simply needs to select one Template (the factory preset 'intelligent' Template) and then press one button on the SL to step between controlling all of the plug-ins within the sequencer -- the first truly generic VST control surface.

All of the popular features from the previous ReMOTE series have been continued into the SL range, such as the top-of-the-range keys, the X/Y Touchpad and the combined pitch bend/modulation joystick with selectable spring mechanism. There are also dedicated Transport controls and a total of 56 assignable encoders, pots, sliders and buttons, now with a further 8 musically-responsive pads for triggering drums and samples. The onboard memory similarly allows for over 40 Templates, which will be factory preset to cover all popular software and hardware. A stylish Template editor is also accompanied, and the unit can be powered by batteries (which can be recharged over USB) or via the USB port.

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