Red Spyda

George “Night of the Living Dead” Romero might want to meet Red Spyda — the hip-hop producer/beatmaster who has a knack for resurrecting the careers of deceased rap stars, bringing them back from “gangsta heaven” and into your speakers. Spyda’s 2002 underground phenomenon “The Realest” (a track that paired a previously unreleased NOTORIOUS B.I.G. a capella vocal and a patented Spyda-beat with the voice of then-up-and-comer 50 Cent) rocked the hip-hop world. But it also makes a direct connection to the bizarre 2005 commercial for Motorola’s ROKR iTunes-connected phone in which a bunch of music stars cram into a phone booth as a Biggie look-alike strides towards them and Madonna, face pressed to the glass, cries out, “Biggie, no!”