RED Brand Strings Launches Copper Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

April 2009—Red Brand Guitar Strings launches the first brand of copper bronze acoustic strings on the market. This new brand of acoustic guitar strings promises more warmth and projection from the higher copper content material than phosphor bronze or 80/20 bronze materials. It’s been 35 years since the introduction of phosphor bronze and RED Brand hopes this new material will make just as big of an impact.

According to Joe Iacobellis, Marketing Director for RED Brand, copper is the defining factor for the warmth acoustic guitars produce. More copper, more warmth. “Just as 80/20 brass has a lower copper content than phosphor bronze, making the guitar sound more tinnier and less warmth. Certain guitars have sound characteristics that can be better accentuated with the right string. Up until now, choices have been limited. Thanks to copper bronze, a player can take his guitar tone to a new level,” says Joe Iacobellis.

RED Brand Strings will be available through retailers nationwide and will retail for $17 per set. Gauges and availability range from the typical custom light, light and medium. RED Brand plans on expanding their gauges as the year progresses with 12 string and acoustic bass variants. For more information on RED Brand Strings, please visit or visit your local music store.