Recordare Releases Dolet 3 for Finale

Recordare has released version 3 of its Dolet plug-in for the Finale music notation program. Dolet 3 for Finale reads and writes MusicXML 1.1 files for the translation between music notation programs.
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Dolet 3 also includes batch translation features to automate the process of moving music notation files from one program to another. Dolet 3 supports Finale 2000 to 2006 on Windows and Finale 2004 to 2006 on Macintosh OS X.

Recordare's Dolet plug-ins serve as "universal translators" between music notation programs. While Finale 2006 and Sibelius 4 both read MusicXML 1.1 files, Dolet 3 for Finale is the first program that can write MusicXML files that include the new 1.1 formatting features. This provides better file transfer between Finale, Sibelius, and the other programs that support the MusicXML format.

The MusicXML format works with over 40 different programs running on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems, including:

  • Notation programs such as Finale 2006 and Sibelius 4
  • Scanning programs such as SharpEye Music Reader and PhotoScore Professional
  • Electronic music stands for organ and piano
  • Sequencers
  • Algorithmic composition programs
  • Programs to create play-along CDs
  • Tablature editors

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