Realsamples Releases Analogue Strings Sound Library

Realsamples has released the Realsamples Analogue Strings sound library.

The "Realsamples Analogue Strings" sample CD delivers a sought-after analogue synth monster of the seventies, the Eminent™ String Ensemble®. The whole four string sections of this classic device were included as well in its more specialized successor, the Arp™ Solina®.

Most people know its organic pads from high class productions like Pink Floyd, Supertramp or Styx. In today's digital systems, such string pads bring that warmth and depth back in your productions!

Recorded by the Canadian producer April May, all four polyphonic string sections were sampled chormatically and without loops.

To start from scratch, ready-to-play-presets are available for Halion®/Reason®/Kontakt2®/EXS24®/Soundfont®/VSampler3® and GigaStudio®.

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