Rayzoon Technologies Releases Version 1.2 Update to Jamstix VSTi(2)

Rayzoon Technologies has released an update for its virtual drummer PC VSTi Jamstix to version 1.2 and is also now offering 20% off the regular price.
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This update includes many enhancements and fixes. Most of all, Jamstix 1.2 has much tighter timing and can handle high latency environments.

Changes and additions in version 1.2 include:

  • Rebuilt entire synchronization logic to make things tighter as well as compatible with high-latency environments
  • Implemented "bar locking", which allows freezing a bar at its current state regardless of later pattern or mode changes
  • Modified 'Export To MIDI' to use a buffer of the last session play to account for real-time factors
  • Time signature changes are now supported in hosts that do not send proper barStartPos information (Cakewalk VST wrapper, FL Studio and others)
  • Foot hihat now automatically plays on quarters during a fill if no other hihat is present
  • Foot hihat now automatically plays on quarters when ride is active
  • Added checkbox to kick panel to allow for double kick rhythms
  • Added MIDI automation parameter to control shuffle mode
  • Improved kick velocity realism logic
  • Kick and snare eighths are now properly played and aligned in shuffle mode
  • Preview no longer suppresses snare and tom accents
  • When using MIDI-Out Only mode, the DLL location prompt is now suppressed
  • Added label showing the name of the currently loaded mapping to the mapping tab
  • LiveLoop trigger list now includes triggers already in use but marks them with an *
  • LiveLoops are now limited to 99 bars and cannot extend beyond bar 999
  • Added hint about 'Big Time' window to bar/beat display
  • Added hint to PLAY button
  • Liveloops are now properly checked for overlap when adding a new loop in front of an existing one
  • Added custom cursors for the arranger
  • All note triggers now have a '--' item in the pick list to reset/disable the trigger
  • Optimized pocket and timing variance logic (note that this requires SPP from the host)
  • Added lock to velocity slider to maintain velocity level manually
  • 'Decided' bar color is now brighter for better distinction
  • 'Play Input' status is now remembered when closing/reopening GUI
  • Bar jumping is now disabled if host is playing
  • Changed arranger mode slider switch due to difficult use with touchpad
  • Snare and tom accents no longer play if the rhythm is empty


  • Fixed issue with doubling of notes when looping in Cubase with either high latency or latency-compensated plugins
  • Fixed syncopation jam habit button
  • Fixed behavior of internal engine when going in and out of MIDI-Out Only mode
  • When switching off MIDI-Out Only while in external sound mode, the external module is now properly reloaded
  • When Jamstix starts in MIDI-Out Only mode, the internal samples are no longer loaded
  • Fixed shaker offsets
  • Fixed arranger redraw issue on pop-up windows in some hosts
  • Fixed bar 1 repeating in some hosts with high latencies
  • Fixed scrollbar disappearing in arranger under certain circumstances
  • Fixed suppressed Tom 1 2+
  • Adjusted and fixed audit function and it also works now with BFD
  • HiHat + events now translate properly into shuffle mode
  • Fixed repeating bar 1 in hosts without barstartpos info
  • Fixed bars being drawn as 'decided' during free jam with arranger open
  • Fixed arranger draw issue when scrolled left in free or key word jam with arranger being open
  • Fixed jumpy smoothing slider in FL Studio
  • Fixed arranger draw issue when using scrollbar so that bars where partially shown
  • Fixed missing arrangement redraw in free or key word jam with arranger being open
  • Inserting and deleting measures now properly moves mute flags

For more information, visit their web site at www.rayzoon.com.