Rayzoon Releases Jamstix 1.4 Update, BrushPak Sound Library

Rayzoon Technologies has released a free update to the PC VSTi plug-in, plus a new expansion sound pack that adds a brush kit with sizzle cymbal and new controls to the Jamstix interface for snare brushing control as well as swing character filtering.

Version 1.4 of Jamstix make a number of enhancements and bug fixes to the virtual drummer. A partial list of enhancements include:

  • Added ability to manually select snare and tom accents in the rhythm tab
  • Added 'Flip Stereo' switch to internal engine setup
  • Added 'Closed' event to hihat + column
  • Modified various fills and accents to use 32nd notes instead of triplets for better compatibility
  • Fills and accents are now auto-shuffled in shuffle mode with much improved results
  • Added probability slider for hihat/ride eighths
  • Added separate sound slot for snare rimshots
  • Created sample set for default kit snare rimshots
  • Internal sounds can now be routed to any output, not just 1-4. Sounds that are played on outputs 5-17 are not routed through the console so they have no gain control or compression within Jamstix. If a sound has an output specified that is above the current maximum output number, it will be played through output 1.
  • Outputs are now named 'JS Out x' with x being sequential in mono and stereo modes
  • Key re-mapping now also affects MIDI input triggering internal sounds
  • And quite a few more.

The 1.4 update is available now for download now.

The new BrushPak comes with two sets of brushed hits on the snare. One that is open and is used when the snare is not being brushed and one set that is muted by a second brush and used when snare brushing is active. This means that overtones and sustain of the snare are realistically varied in response to the left hand brushing the snare.

Features the unique sound of Jeff Hamilton's signature 22" Hammer ride cymbal with rivets for sophisticated sizzling as well as without rivets. The BrushPak unlocks additional controls in the snare panel and free jam style panel that allow you to control snare brushing.

BrushPak adds two new characters to the Character list in the jam control panel. Both characters filter the current "thinking" to create a swing feel. Since this is on top of the current rhythm you can get very interesting results. For example: load the rhythm "A lovely ride", which is a non-shuffle tom-heavy rhythm. Now, switch the character to 'Swing' and you' ll get an interesting 'jungle' big band swing. The characters also limit velocity to 90 (versus the normal 127) to achieve more traditional sound dynamics.

The expansion pack also includes 20 new rhythms covering bebop, big band swing, rhythm&blues, bluegrass and rockabilly.

For more information, visit their web site at www.rayzoon.com.