Rants & Raves: Annual Issue

AUDIOHOT GUITARS: AMERICAN GUITAR TRACKS FROM THE 1920S-1950S Presenting a selection of players from the well known—Bo Diddley, Chet Atkins, Django Reinhardt, Les Paul, etc.—to the obscure, this 20-track compilation fully delivers on its title. Bookended by Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s kick-ass, reverb-soaked “Space Guitar” (1954) and Al Casey’s slap-backedsilly “Guitar Man” (1957), the ride ricochets between eras and styles with dizzying abandon. Among the many highlights are Nick Lucas’ chord melodies on “Picking the Guitar” (1922), Roy Smeck’s supersyncopated “Guitarese” (1936), the classic “Playing with the Strings” by Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson (1929), Joe Maphis’ flashy “Fire on the Strings” (1955), Django’s hopping “Swing Guitars” (1938), Paul’s rockin’ “Guitar Boogie” (1947), and Diddley’s Afro-Latin “Spanish Guitar” (1955). A rol
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