Randall to Debut Dan Donegan Preamp Module at NAMM

Randall Amplifiers announced the launch of the "1086" Dan Donegan of Disturbed signature preamplifier module for its Modular Tube System amplifiers, to be shown at this summer''s NAMM show in Indianapolis.
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Dan Donegan has endorsed Randall Amplifiers for four years and plays through an RM4 Pre-amp and RT250 Power-amp, which are part of the Randall MTS Series. The MTS Series is an all tube, modular system, in which the 13 and now 14 preamps are interchangeable to develop a variety of tones. "Our great partnership with Dan has allowed us to come up with the most versatile module to date. We are extremely excited to release the 1086 at this summer's NAMM show," commented Doug Reynolds, Division Manager for Randall Amplifiers.

The 1086 has standard module controls that include gain, bass, mid, treble, and level. This module is unique because of its adjustable gain stage switch, which produces both classic and modern gain levels according to Randall. This module also includes a dual mid voicing switch, which allows you to select two different mid-frequencies.

For more information, visit their web site at www.randallamplifiers.com.