Randall Amps Announces Kirk Hammett Limited Edition Half Stack

Randall Amplifiers has announced the Kirk Hammett Limited Edition Half Stack. The highly collectable half stack features solid maple cabinetry, chrome hardware and custom paint job. The limited run of Kirk Hammett gear is the perfect centerpiece for any accomplished recording studio or rehearsal space.
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The exclusive Kirk Hammett stack includes a 4x12 cabinet, 100-watt power-tube head and signature MTS modules to enable musicians everywhere to attain Kirk's legendary tones. The custom gear arrives painted in a black-burst color scheme complete with polyurethane finish. The end result is a visually stunning half stack that fully captures the defining sounds of Metallica's legendary guitarist.

The Limited Edition Half Stack complements the full line of Kirk Hammett Signature Series products, which includes MTS modules, all-tube heads, as well as power tubes, all to enable musicians everywhere to attain his flawless sound. Kirk worked intimately with Randall to ensure that all aspects of the products, from the look and feel of the heads and amps to the distinct tones of each MTS module, were up to the standards of rock's legendary guitarist.

Additional Limited Edition Kirk Hammett Half Stack Features:

Pre-loaded with KH1, KH2, and KH3 MTS modules:

  • KH1 - Classic clean tone
  • KH2 - Signature rhythm tone
  • KH3 - Legendary high-gain rhythm

Easily replace power tubes with user-friendly power-tube bias MIDI In/Thru for easy switching between pre-amp modules Master volume, presence, and density controls Parallel loop with front panel mix control Series loop

The Kirk Hammett Limited Edition Half Stack retails for $9,999.90 and is available at exclusive Randall dealers. To locate a participating Randall dealer, please visit randallamplifiers.com.

Randall Amplifiers is owned by US Music Corp., located just north of Chicago. US Music Corp. is a uniquely positioned, fully integrated musical instrument company that manufactures and markets instruments, accessories and audio equipment for professionals, aspiring professionals, collectors, hobbyists and beginner musicians. Also owned by US Music Corp. are Washburn Guitars, Parker Guitars, Eden Amplifiers, Oscar Schmidt and Vinci Strings.

For more information on Randall Amplifiers, visit randallamplifiers.com