RainSong To Introduce A-WS1000NT At Winter NAMM

RainSong Graphite Guitars is introducing the A-WS1000NT, the first Advanced Series model to sport a Natural Carbon/Graphite soundboard.

The A-WS1000NT soundboard uses an ultra-thin layer of clear high-gloss polyurethane finish that highlights the shimmering, natural weaves of the Carbon/Graphite material. The Natural soundboard, in addition to looking spectacular, is lighter than its colored siblings. The result is a stunning instrument with a piano-like tone.

The Advanced Series features graphite soundboards crafted using RainSong's patented Projection Tuned Layering™ process. Constructed entirely without restrictive braces, the graphite soundboards vibrate freely to provide greater acoustic volume and a clean, detailed tone.

The neck of the Advanced Series represents a pioneering achievement in its own right. It is the first all-composite neck/fingerboard combination to include an integral double-action trussrod. The composite fingerboard is precision CNC-machined. The strength of the carbon fiber, the adjustable truss rod, the precision-shaped fingerboard and the new low-profile shape combine to provide a super-fast neck with a consistently low action and no dead spots.

The Advanced Series is the ultimate workhorse for the working, traveling musician. From climate-impervious graphite construction to super-fast adjustable carbon necks, from composite bridges to built-in electronic tuners, from tough scratch-resistant surfaces to high gear-ratio tuners, the Advanced Series is loaded with technological advances carefully designed to allow players to focus on the main entree - the loud, balanced, crystalline Carbon tone.

For more information, visit their web site at www.rainsong.com.