Rain Computers Debuts Nimbus M2 Multimedia Workstation

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Rain Computers, designer of creative computers for such notables as the Conan O’Brien Show and Cirque du Soleil, has released a follow up to the popular Nimbus Multimedia Computer. Called Nimbus M2, Rain’s new do-anything workstation redefines the power vs. performance ratio by offering a standard 6-core processor, NVIDIA Quadro 600 Workstation Video Card and 8GB or 16GB of memory right out of the box.

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Continuing with the theory that better design and testing means less tech support, Rain worked with notable software engineers from giants including Adobe Systems, Inc (NASDAQ: ADBE) to create a stable and reliable platform for the software creative minds rely on. The result is a computer that “just works”, even with the notoriously tricky software and hardware found in recording studios and graphics departments.

“The idea was to design the Swiss Army Knife equivalent of a workstation. Something just as good at crunching guitar tracks as it was at figuring out the lighting in a 3D model.” commented Kevin Jacoby, Rain Computers CEO. “But we also wanted it to be really affordable so we could offer it to the next generation of creative geniuses. We definitely got there and that’s the part we’re most excited about.”

Nimbus M2 is built, in part, on the success of the Phenom II X6 6-Core processor developed by AMD (NADAQ: AMD), acclaimed superconductor manufacturer. In addition to the heavy hitting brain, Nimbus M2 also sports some significant upgrades since the last version. Of particular note is the ability to expand to an astounding 32 gigabytes of memory, the external hard drive bay allowing for a fast “hot swap” drive to be installed without any technical knowledge, and the new cooling system developed by NZXT that combines modular cooling fans with advanced acoustic insulation to ensure Rain’s famous Quiet Cool Design will live up to its name.

And, like all Rain computers, Nimbus M2 is available with RainCare Encompass Creative Computer Support, a world-class support system designed to cover not just the computer itself, but the “grey area” between the computer, software and hardware Rain users rely on every day. A free 30 day trial of RainCare Encompass is always included to help new users transition smoothly and then get down to work.

Nimbus M2 Multimedia Workstation is available now starting at $1,599 through the Rain Custom Shop at RainComputers.com as well as through select Rain Authorized Dealers like American Musical Supply (AMS), Best Buy, and the famous B&H Photo in New York.