PuPSwitch Unveils Novel Approach to Guitar Pickup Coil Switching

Pickup switching that used to require a handful of switches can now be performed with a single rugged rotary switch. For example, want your neck pickup in parallel humbuck mode and your bridge pickup in split mode? Instead of fiddling with all those toggle switches, just rotate the PuPSwitch to position 8.
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• 12 – position rotary switch provides 18 pickup configurations
• All series, parallel, and split combinations plus 2 out-of-phase and 1 mute setting
• Retains full use of existing pickup select toggle switch
• Typical installation requires no drilling into the guitar body
• High quality miniature solid state switch circuitry

The PuPSwitch complete kit carries a suggested retail price of $119.95 and can be purchased directly from the online store at www.pupswitch.com.