PRS Guitars 2011 Electric Line Up New Finish Pickups Bridge Tuners and Neck Shapes

For more than 25 years, PRS Guitars’ culture of ingenuity and continual improvement has pushed their guitar manufacturing bar to new levels.  The 2011 PRS product line exemplifies this culture with the execution of a thorough plan to enhance each

For more than 25 years, PRS Guitars’ culture of ingenuity and continual improvement has pushed their guitar manufacturing bar to new levels. The 2011 PRS product line exemplifies this culture with the execution of a thorough plan to enhance each instrument. Innumerable changes have been put into action to improve the appearance, playability and tone of PRS instruments. Whether it’s the new 53/10 pickups, two-piece bridge, steel bridge components, new neck shapes, V12 finish or new PRS Phase III locking tuners, the amount of time and energy PRS has invested reviewing, enhancing and implementing high impact changes in their quest for tone is unprecedented, even by PRS standards. Whether obvious or subtle, every modification is born from PRS’s desire to give musicians the highest quality instrument to create their art.

PRS’s New “Studio” Model Electric
PRS’s new 22 fret, 25” scale length Studio model electric guitar is a fresh, modern rendition of a traditional single-single-hum guitar set up with the beauty and brightness of a maple top. The possibilities are vast with PRS’s proprietary 57/08 Narrowfield pickups in the middle and bass positions in conjunction with a 57/08 humbucking bridge pickup. Screaming lead tones, crisp rhythm tones and 5-way blade switch also enhance the flexibility of this guitar in the studio or on stage.
Private Stock

Dweezil Zappa Limited Run Private Stock Semi-Hollow Electric
Limited to a run of 50 guitars, the new Dweezil Zappa Private Stock semi-hollow model features a unique Custom 24 mandolin shape and is the modeled after the guitar Dweezil designed with the Private Stock team.
The dramatically different shape of the mandolin inspired body is a departure from any body shape PRS has ever created, and the rowdy bass and treble clef inlay motif pays homage to the Zappa family legacy of eclectic playfulness. Dweezil’s personal model and the limited run of 50 are, however, unmistakably PRS.

Private Stock “Signature” Limited Run - New Twist on Popular Favorite PRS’s Very First Multi-Endorser Electric
The Signature Limited Run reintroduces the concept of the popular “Signature Series” guitar first offered over 20 years ago and adds PRS’s top tier Private Stock appointments and a list of influential artists. Limited to 100 pieces, the Signature model showcases a culmination of years of artist input and boasts PRS’s first ever multi-endorsement guitar Tom Wheeler, Howard Leese, Michael Ault, Davy Knowles, and Paul Reed Smith all backing the model.

PRS’s New 2 Channel 50-Watt Amps 2 Channel “C” and 2 Channel “H”
Handmade in Stevensville, Maryland, PRS’s new 2 Channel “C” and 2 Channel “H” 50 watt amps feature two channels with independent master volume, treble, mid, bass, and gain controls with global reverb. The unique lead channel offers powerful, smooth distortion with liquid sustain, while the clean channel has shimmering, clean highs and extensive headroom but can be overdriven at maximum settings. Both amps feature effects loops with adjustable send and return and are fixed bias.

New Custom Amp Designs from PRS Guitars and Doug Sewell
PRS Guitars is happy to announce the launch of its custom amp program at this years Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California. Lead by former Texas-based architect turned amplifier builder Doug Sewell, the program allows customers to work intimately with their dealer and the PRS amp team to create the most personalized amps ever offered by PRS. Amplifiers can be built with specialized colors, speakers and components and can even bring discontinued models back to life.

PRS’s Recording Amp with Curly Maple Panels
As the world moves more and more towards home recording, PRS is offering the new full production run Recording Amp. This “universal” amp is ideal for recording and for producing heavy tones, super clean tones, and everything in between. External switches on many internal gain and tone components normally inaccessible on other amps provide a nearly infinite tonal and gain palate. Two distinct covering options are available for both the head and cabinet. Covering is available in both Stealth (black Tolex) and Paisley, and both options come standard with distinctive curly maple panels.

PRS Guitars Expands Private Stock Acoustic Line
While acoustic guitars are a newer venture for PRS, the concepts they are based upon are as old as the company itself. PRS is proud to continue growing their acoustic line at Winter NAMM 2011 by adding to the already acclaimed Tonare Grand and Angelus Cutaway. The Collection Grand as well as signature model acoustics from Tony McManus and Martin Simpson will add to the list of instruments offered within the PRS Private Stock acoustics line.

New Models, Colors and Artists for PRS’s SE Line
Whether it’s the newest signature model SE from 311’s Tim Mahoney, the new SE 245 with pickups optimized for its shorter 24.5” neck or the introduction of bird inlays to the SE Custom 24, SE Singlecut, SE Custom Semi-Hollow, and SE Singlecut Trem, the SE line continues to push the quality envelope. Gigging musicians are relying on SEs to deliver rich tones and a wide variety of sounds.

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