Propellerhead Software Announces Release Date for Reason 3.0...but you can see it here now!

One-Step Loading of Complex, Customizable Instruments Encourages Live Performance, available March 10
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Propellerhead Software today announced a release date of March 10 for version 3.0 of their award-winning music software system, Reason. This update focuses on live playing and its functionality will take Reason from the studio realm to the stage. Reason 3 comes packed with unique features that will make it a strong alternative to the hardware workstation synthesizer, whether for composing, producing or live playing.

Reason 3 introduces a new module, the Combinator, which allows users to build elaborate chains of Reason devices—instruments, effects, pattern sequencer etc and save as a Combi patch. With it’s ability to load-up complex instruments routed through effect units and dynamic processors in one go, the Combinator is an extremely playable, extremely performance-friendly device, perfect for both stage and studio use.

Additional new features include:

• Remote: Instant out of the box integration with most major control surfaces including support for motorized faders and controller displays.
• New soundbank: An expanded soundbank with increased focus on providing a wide palette of multi sampled instruments and huge sounding Combi patches.
• New browser: Reason’s new browser will help you work faster and better in Reason. Free text search across your entire sound library, organize your sounds in favorite folders, audition play all samples and patches via MIDI.
• MClass: A top-notch mastering suite comparable with any hard- or software units. The suite consists of a four band parametric + shelving EQ, a stereo processor, a fantastic sounding compressor and a maximizer with look ahead limiter.

Reason 3 will be available March 10 for a MSRP of $449EUR/$499USD at Reason dealers worldwide ( Reason is distributed in the US by Line 6 (