Prince Paul

Despite the old school pedigree of seminal hip-hop producer Prince Paul Huston (Stetsasonic, De La Soul, Gravediggaz, Handsome Boy Modeling School, 3rd Bass, Chris Rock, Big Daddy Kane, etc., etc.), his solo albums — like the abstractly groovy Psychoanalysis and the hilariously hot Politics of the Business — have either flown under the mainstream radar or were flat out panned by critics (suckers). Still, Paul continues to make the music that he likes, despite the exclusionary myopia of the MTV set. His last, most recent venture, the comfortably funky and mid-fi Itstrumental, is mostly an instrumental record, but features goofy vocal contributions from the likes of Mr. Dead and Steineki, as well as an all-live instrument track, on which Paul played all the instruments himself.
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