PreSonus Releases Multi-Unit Firepod Driver, Cuts Firebox Price

Firepod users in need of more IO can now easily add more Firepods to their rack with the release of a new multi-unit driver. The Firepod is a 24-bit/96K FireWire recording system featuring 8 discrete microphone preamps, 8 analog line outs, S/PDIF I/O, and MIDI I/O.
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The new driver enables up to three Firepod's to be daisy-chained for a total of 24 inputs in just three rack spaces. The new driver also allows the Firepod to work in "stand alone" mode so that the Firepod can be used as an 8-channel microphone preamplifier without connecting the Firepod to a computer. GigaStudio is also supported with the new driver for further flexibility.

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