Presonus Bundles Riffworks Recording Software With Inspire GT

Sonoma Wire Works™, developers of RiffWorks™ guitar recording software, and PreSonus Audio Electronics, have partnered to include RiffWorks Junior with the new PreSonus Inspire GT. Bundling RiffWorks easy-to-use recording software with the Inspire GT recording system will help guitarists create music within moments of opening the box.
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The PreSonus Inspire GT 4x4 FireWire Computer Recording System Limited Edition was designed with the studio guitarist in mind and is sold at Guitar Center. The Inspire GT a revolutionary FireWire recording system featuring professional quality 24-bit/96k analog to digital conversion, four simultaneous inputs, a software control panel, AmpliTube LE, RiffWorks recording software, and more, creating a flexible, affordable and inspiring computer recording studio! Other

PreSonus interfaces will soon bundle RiffWorks Junior, including the FIREPOD and FIREBOX, which can be purchased in many stores worldwide.

RiffWorks is an inspiration platform, not an editing platform. There are no wave editors or sequencers, instead the interface inspires musicians to write songs using a familiar interface - it looks like gear! RiffWorks captures ideas quickly, and users can record entire songs, including professionally recorded drums and polished effects, without putting down their instrument. The included InstantDrummer provides easy access to full-kit studio drum recordings with a range of intensities and adjustable variation. A highly regarded InstantDrummer tool is included asÊThree InstantDrummer sessions by top drum companies (Discrete Drums, Drums On Demand and Submersible Music) come with RiffWorks Junior, and users can browse 50 additional sessions on, selecting their favorites for $9.99 each. RiffWorks' looped recording and automatic track creation make the recording process a breeze. Musicians can experiment with their song structure using the simple Riff-based workflow. After a song is complete, RiffWorks users can instantly podcast to an enthusiastic community for free.

RiffWorks Junior includes:

* 4 tracks per Riff plus drums

* 7 studio-quality effects per layer

* Unique InstantDrummer Authentic Drum Player

* 3 InstantDrummer sessions

* RiffCaster instant podcasting

* RiffWorks Standard upgrade coupon

With RiffWorks, recording musicians can keep their hands on their instrument and minds on their song, rather than on a computer. RiffWorks requires minimal set-up time with no need to continually refer to a manual. Also RiffWorks is the only program available with a feature that lets you set the tempo simply by strumming your guitar.

Using an intuitive backups interface, musicians can select one of the many authentic backup InstantDrummer sessions that were recorded live by professional drummers in high-end sound studios by recording engineers. Most recording applications require drum programming or searching through endless folders of drum loops with confusing names. If preferred, users can import drum tracks from a ReWire application into RiffWorks. Or they may choose to use RiffWorks' unique InstantDrummer to select a sweet-sounding drummer from the best drum companies (Drums on Demand, Discrete Drums and Submersible Music). These drummers are normally available within large libraries that cost hundreds of dollars. Our partners are offering their drum content to RiffWorks users in smaller pieces that are convenient and affordable, only $9.99/session.

"The user interface is well designed and very detailed. I found RiffWorks to be appealing and simple to navigate. One of the most gratifying features of RiffWorks is the diversity and quality of drum loops available." Recording Magazine, November 2006.

IInstallation takes around 30 seconds, and although instructions are provided, you probably won't need them. Basically, you just have to start up RiffWorks, plug in and play. Verdict: Extremely easy to use, highly productive, good effects and useful backup section. Rated 9 out 10." Computer Music, October 2006.