Posse Audio Launches Personal Monitor Mix System

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Designed by musicians for musicians, Posse Audio launches a revolutionary, affordable and compact system for musicians, recording artists, and music venues, eliminating the need for a monitor mix sound technician and allowing for easy customization of ear monitors on stage or in the studio. The Posse system (Personal On Stage Sound Environment) seamlessly interfaces with wireless earphone and instrument systems and comes with an acoustic gooseneck mic for the unelectrified. You can also use a built-in phantom power supply, record all your performances, play music during the break, and tune with a line-of-sight tuner—all in this travel-size system. Posse is great for private practicing at home, too, allowing you to monitor yourself and play—without disturbing others in the house or neighborhood—using recorded music or any outside musical source.

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“Posse was originally designed to correct for monitoring problems that a performer encounters on the stage and in the studio,” offered POSSE co-creator and singer-songwriter, Randy Sharp, who co-designed the concept of the system. “We’ve all struggled with trying to communicate with the sound person, dealing with a poor monitor mix, or in instances where the audience or band mates are too loud. Being able to independently set the level of your vocal mic, your instrument output, the ambiance of the room and any auxiliary input(s), you can customize your monitors to a comfortable and performance enhancing mix… And you’ll play better when you sound good to yourself. When performers cannot hear themselves, they tend to play and sing harder, which causes havoc with the vocal chords, nuances of the music, and pitch. By carrying your mix with you from venue to venue, you’ll eliminate the frustration and have the satisfaction of knowing how you’ll sound at every show.”

“Any performer—from a violinist in an orchestra to a drummer in a rock band—will be stunned by the improved monitoring ability of Posse,” added Scott Morrison, who engineered the product. “Posse is transparent to the house system so the house technician can mix for the audience and the performer can mix for themselves. If you need your mix adjusted, simply reach out and tweak a knob. In addition to being able to control your vocal/instrument mix, Posse also provides precise control over the ambient stereo sound field. In effect, you can ‘listen past’ your earphones, making for a realistic performing experience.”

Posse Highlights:
• Designed by musicians for musicians
• Ideal for stage, studio, or personal practice
• Control stage mix or studio feed
• Sets up in minutes & drastically reduces sound check time
• Consistent sound every venue, every time
• No more feedback from floor monitors
• Quick and easy setup in minutes
• Zero Latency with any digital system
• Hear the audience with built-in stereo mics
• Mic acoustic instruments with included condenser microphone
• Built-in, line-of-sight chromatic tuner (powered by N-Tune™)
• Stereo instrument inputs
• Convenient belt box
• Peak limiter protects your hearing
• Built-in direct box
• Phantom power for condenser mics
• Play your own break music with MP3 player
• Record your performances
• Runs on AC adapter or battery power (9-volt battery not included)
• Comes with all cables
• Made in the USA

In the Box:
Posse comes with everything you need to set up your own personal monitor mix: Tote Bag, Floor Box, Mic Stand Box, Cables (6’ MIDI, 6’ HDMI, 3’ Guitar; easily replaceable if lost), Earbuds, Belt Box, Power Supply, External Condenser Microphone, and User Manual. MSRP: $499

About Posse Audio:
Posse Audio was founded in 2010 and is the brainchild of noted country singer/chart-topping songwriter Randy Sharp and studio designer/musician/audio engineer Scott Morrison. Songwriter Joe Bilotta is the brains behind the business and is the owner/operator of Flying Pigs recording/rehearsal studios in Orange County, CA. For more information on the principals and Posse, please visit www.posseaudio.com.