Porchboard Bass Allows Self-Accompaniment

An economical and weather resistant the company''s PorchBoard Bass, EnRoute music announced the PorchBoard Bass CL series.

The PorchBoard Bass is an amplified, analog, low-end rhythm instrument designed to allow player controlled, self-accompaniment using the natural tap of the foot. It's the perfect accompaniment instrument to add instant clean, analog bass rhythm without the usual amplification problems of noise, feedback or delay.

Crafted from durable decking lumber (recycled composites), the CL Series PorchBoard Bass is lower in price and offers a combination of functional innovation, including simultaneous use of both XLR and 1/4-inch phone jack outputs for stage setup diversity. Like other PorchBoard models, the CL Series PorchBoard produces a tone in the 33 - 100 Hz range to offer a strong supportive bass 'thump' in any key - similar to a large marching band bass drum. The nature of the sound resembles a note once another instrument (guitar, banjo, fiddle, bass, harp, keyboard) suggests a pitch according to the company.

All PorchBoard models are designed for use with a PA system, powered subwoofer or any amplifier-speaker combination capable of reproducing low frequencies. Using no batteries, active components, or computerized parts, the PorchBoard Bass has adequate output to drive most powered subwoofers without the use of a preamp. Plugged directly into the amplification system (set up much like a bass guitar would be), the bass beat is produced with each tap of the foot. Using a proximity sensor technology, the PorchBoard Bass is not dependent on mechanical devices or integrated circuits. The toe-rail structure adds additional percussiveness.

Easily mastered, the PorchBoard Bass allows students, songwriters and seasoned musicians to add low end self accompaniment with the simple tap of the foot.

For more information, visit their web site at www.porchboard.com.