"Polygraph Lounge" performing at Los Angeles Knitting Factory

Rob Schwimmer and Mark Stewart star in "Polygraph Lounge" Live at the Los Angeles Knitting Factory (Front Room) Tuesday, October 18th at 8PM , Wednesday, October 19th at 8PM, and Thursday, October 20th at 8PM. Also featuring the fabulous Melissa Fathman. Admission (includes FREE nose flute) is $15 per set. The Knitting Factory is located at 7021 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood , CA 90028.

What People are Saying:
"Polygraph Lounge is REALLY smart and REALLY funny—we were laughing out loud!"
--- Paul Simon

"Polygraph Lounge is today’s pop culture meets Spike Jones meeting John Cage! A great evening on every level--They're explosive!" --- Arif Mardin, Legendary multi-Grammy Award winning producer and lifetime Achievement Award

"Polygraph Lounge is the the Jonathan Winters/ Robin Williams of music!"
--- Marshall Brickman, Academy Award winning screenwriter of Annie Hall, Manhattan, Sleeper, etc.

"Nothing today is much like Polygraph Lounge, and nothing like Polygraph Lounge would have been possible earlier, because its work depends on more than 250 years of music since Bach's day, and on modern electronics -- not only electronic instruments, but the electronic world that all of us inhabit, in which the music of the world can fill the air at a touch of a button, and everything we have heard can be simultaneously present in our memory and imagination....No single listener is going to catch every musical reference as it whizzes by; listening is a little like trying to play trivia games with the thousand-year-old man. But there is nothing trivial about Polygraph Lounge's pursuit, amusing as it is. The political commentary is alert and the musical humor intelligent; what appears anarchic is in fact the product of well-stocked brains, strict performance discipline, and killer chops. The juxtapositions of tone are startling, as is the ricochet between high art and popular culture, but they tell us something about the world we live in and how our minds deal with it."
---Richard Dyer,The Boston Globe February 14, 2005

"If you pine for one more Spike Jones, Firesign Theatre, or Tom Lehrer show, get yourself to the BAMCafe this weekend. The zany, musically tight, and lyrically brilliant duo Polygraph Lounge has been enlisted as comic relief..."
--- Alicia Zuckerman, New York Magazine December 23-30, 2002

"Probably the most intelligent, biting, witty song team in the business today."
--Ron Delsener, promoter and Co-Chairman/ Co-CEO of Clear Channel Entertainment

"The ultimate in pop-cult mixology"
--AOL City Guide: Boston

"Of all the quirky bands in New York, Polygraph Lounge stands out for its sheer ingenuity... Once their mischievous, hyperactive creativity gets loose, there's no stopping it... Mr. Stewart and Mr. Schwimmer have the kind of chemistry one expects from a smart, funny rock band that has been together since childhood, goofing off and punning left and right like fresh young Beatles."
--- Ben Sisario, The New York Times (Arts and Leisure Section) November 3rd, 2002

"Fearsome prowess…These two can hook anything in the deep ocean of pop effortlessly, which frees up their attention to wring melody from a theremin, daxophone, PVC bassoons, and cardboard alpenhorns (e.g.). The stage looked like the Cat in the Hat ransacked a gamelan."
--- David Krasnow, The Village Voice

"Inventive and brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I have not been so entertained on or off Broadway. This is great family entertainment. The whole show is a must-see gem!"
--- Geoffrey Holder, Tony award-winning director/choreographer/actor

"Wonderful, animated, spiritually uplifting inspired madness."
--- Rinde Eckert, Obie award-winning composer, performer, writer and director

"Polygraphically perverse, they leave no pun, musical or otherwise, unturned!"
--Elliott Sharp, Renowned iconoclastic composer and performer

"In this era of institutionalized mediocrity, Polygraph Lounge offers a rare opportunity to get back to what music and culture was supposed to be in the first place: fun, challenging, multi-layered, sophisticated, relevant. They engage the audience intellectually and emotionally, something that doesn't seem to exist anymore. I leave every one of their shows feeling enriched, connected, and itching for another hit of Poly!"
--- Limor Tomer, Music Curator at BAM, Lincoln Center Festival, Symphony Space

"They're funny as all get out and smart as can be, but they wear their erudition lightly, so few people will ever realize just how smart they are -- or how talented as musicians.The pace is breakneck: The instrumentalists leap from instrument to instrument -- some homemade and some quite obscure -- but one thing remains constant and that is the level of musicianship is astonishingly high...Go hear Polygraph Lounge the next chance you get. You'll have a fabulous time, although your abs might hurt for a week, and you'll be supporting several of the smartest, most talented, and funniest musicians you'll ever have the privilege to hear."
---Wes Phillips, ONHIFI.COM

"Everyone likes them. It's educated tomfoolery, expertly performed. It's the musical equivalent of Spike Jones filtered through the brainy wit of Oscar Wilde, the intelligence of Herman Melville and sophomoronic genius of Pee Wee Herman. And connected to a performing capability that is profoundly campy and expert. They really deserve their own TV show."
--- John Hammel, host of Motorhead" WNTI-FM

"Paul Simon recruited players with whom he’d had success on his solo recordings and tours, and whose musicianship and versatility put them in a class by themselves. Class? Maybe "species" is a little closer to the mark. To call virtuosos Rob Schwimmer and Mark Stewart a keyboardist and guitarist, respectively, is not inaccurate, but it almost misses the point. As the duo "Polygraph Lounge" the two regularly wow New York audiences with their astonishing wit and musical inventiveness, reworking and recombining everything from Tchaikowsky to Led Zeppelin into a side-splitting review. A large part of the allure is the sheer number of bizarreinstrumentsonstage, a number of them handmade by the lads themselves.....But few sideplayers bring the audience to their feet quite the way he (Rob) does when he nails the solo on "The Boxer" — on Theremin.
---Ernie Rideout,, Keyboard

"If the world were the Moulin Rouge - full of trap-doors, endlessly subtle, absurd and effortless jump-cuts through history - then P. Lounge would be the house band and everyone would show up in the Grand Canyon for a dance. Were there a world where Spike Jones was revered as a Beethoven's Beethoven, P. Lounge would be the band thatPaganini would have started with Little Richard if Dorothy had won the revolution in Oz. But she did win! And P.Lounge lives!"
--- Anthony Gatto, director of Headwaters Music and producer of the annual Festival Dancing in Your Head, Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis

"I'm crazy about your maniacal duo—you guys have references in your TRANSITIONS from reference to reference! Will you be preparing new material for the upcoming concerts, or did you reference all extant music already? One of the most fun things about your show is how you turn virtuosity into a game, truly "playing."
— David Garland, host/ producer of "Spinning on Air" and "Evening Music" WNYC -FM

"...by far the funniest, most ridiculous combo I have heard/seen since the Mothers at the Fillmore!"
— Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

"...one of the strangest and most wondrous musical collaborations in New York City! ...they are the best damn players you've ever seen...Their flock is devout and growing....rare and special instruments in rare and special hands."
--- Linus Gelber, MusicDish

"Right from their first performance at Joe's Pub, through their recent fall residency, Polygraph Lounge have developed an enthusiastic and growing following of true believers, attracting sold-out houses and major press attention in The New York Times, NPR and more. Quirkily brilliant, they combine musical virtuosity, an encyclopedic knowledge of music (high and low musical references fly by at lightning speed), an almost psychic on-stage rapport and a childlike playfulness. This gives them an uncanny ability to get jaded New York audiences to open up, and join them playing nose flute sonatas, dancing to car alarms and generally just being silly. P-Lounge always pull a surprise or two (including guests like Paul Simon, Geoffrey Holder and Edie Brickell) out of their overstuffed bag-of-tricks. They are also some of the nicest guys you'll ever work with, or drink an overproof Belgian beer with."
--- Bill Bragin, Director of Joe's Pub at The Public Theater

"Two highly sought-after pop-to-jazz-to-20th-century-experimental sessionmen go all Spike Jones and/or Weird Al on your fanny with puns decipherable only by scholars equally versed in Ornette, Iron Butterfly, the muckamuck European tradition, Alvin and the Chipmunks’ testicles, and Moby Dick—using didgeridoos, theremins, car alarms, and ‘whirlee-copters’ no less."
--- Chuck Eddy, The Village Voice

"Polygraph Lounge has forgotten more about music than they ever knew."
---Rob Schwimmer, Polygraph Lounge

"OK, they're not clinically insane."
---George Robinson, The Jewish Weekly

"I beg to differ."
---Joe Mardin, PL's music producer and manager

For tickets, visit www.knittingfactory.com/kfhollywood/index.cfm.