Planet Waves’ New Chordmaster Application for iPhone & iPod Touch Ranks #1 on iTunes

With over 12,000 downloads in under a month—and a five-star consumer rating—Chordmaster for iPhone/iPod Touch is in the top slot in the Apple iTunes music applications store...
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The Planet Waves Chordmaster offers a comprehensive and accurate library of over 7,800 guitar chords, displaying notes and fingerings on a virtual fret board. While allowing users to view each chord in every position up and down the guitar neck, players can even strum the virtual strings to play and hear each chord in pristine audio. The library, separated into root, chord type and chord variants, allows users to navigate to any chord easily and quickly and even comes complete with a lefty mode for the often-ignored left-hand guitarist.

Says Jim D’Addario of the success of the application: “This is tremendous recognition! We must give credit to Steve Salerno who penned this library for us 10 years ago, as well as Matthew Foust who wrote this application for us. We have had some great success with our handheld Chordmaster sales over the years, so it will be fun to watch what the sales curve will be like over the next few weeks.”

Check out some of the dozens of consumer reviews:

“The Top Notch. This is the best app any guitarist can find…what more can you say…it’s by PLANET WAVES (D’Addario & Company, Inc.).”

“Unbelievable Value, Incredible Interface! For such an immersive and comprehensive chord program, I almost felt guilty to pay so little. Recycle your old chord books; you won’t be needing them any longer!”

“Outstanding. Great library and perfect for any guitarist. Amazing that you can hear the chord too…way worth the money.”

“The best of the best. This is not only the best guitar app I’ve ever used on any platform (best library and strumming is so cool), but functionally and aesthetically, this may be the nicest app I’ve ever seen at the app store. I am seriously impressed. I can’t wait to see what’s next from this crew. At 1.99, this is the deal of a lifetime. I just wrote a new song with the minor 6th chord I just learned. It doesn’t get any better than this folks.”

Planet Waves’ next step is to release a scale and arpeggio program in May, 2009.

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