Planet Waves Joe Satriani Signature Collection

Joe Satriani is not only one of the most influential rock guitarists of all time, but he’s also very handy with a paintbrush, as shown by the JS Series of guitar straps and picks. Five JS Series straps are available ($29 retail/$19 street), and these way-out works feature Satriani sketches that were inspired by his guitars. The straps have a high-quality feel, and they’re made from 50mm tubular nylon attached to stiff leather ends. My only concern is that the nylon is slippery (which Satch likes because it doesn’t snag his clothes when switching guitars), and it caused one of my neck-heavy guitars to take a nose dive.

Satriani’s artwork also graces his JS Series picks, which are available in three gauges (heavy, medium, and thin). These ten packs ($6 retail/$4 street) come in white with black art, and black with silver art. All of the high quality picks feature the unmistakable scent of genuine celluloid, and each pick in the pack sports a different Satriani drawing with his signature on the flip side. If you appreciate performance art, you’ll want to grab either or both of these cool—and potentially collectible—items.