Planet Waves Introduces Pro-Winder Tuner

Planet Waves has introduced the new Pro-Winder Tuner, a five-in-one tool for guitars, mandolins, and banjos that makes multiple restringing and tuning tools virtually unnecessary.

This high-tech cousin of the original Pro-Winder has not only the original Pro-Winder's string winder, string cutter, string stretcher, and bridge pin puller, it also has a built-in dual-mode strobe/sweep chromatic tuner. The tuner has a rotary display with red and green LEDs and is easy to use in either strobe or sweep mode. The tuner can be calibrated from A435 to A445 and powers off automatically after four minutes of inactivity.

The Pro-Winder Tuner's winding head fits virtually all guitar, banjo, and mandolin machine heads, and the string cutter is hardened tool steel. The string stretcher gives new strings more stable intonation and the bridge pin puller removes pins gently, without scratching or damage to the instrument. A multi-language instruction booklet is included.

"An accurate tuner is an essential part of a musician's equipment, and having the tuner, winder, cutter, stretcher, and bridge pin puller all in one slim tool means a lot less for a musician to have to carry around from practice to gigs to the studio," says Planet Waves Brand Manager Mike Bradley.

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