Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Stage Tuner(2)

If visual coolness counts when you’re considering how best to deploy your hard-earned bucks on a new piece of gear, prepare to be sucked in by the curvy, smoked-chrome metal housing and spacey rotary readout of the Chromatic Pedal Stage Tuner ($119 retail/$79 street). In Sweep mode (the default setting), red LEDs sweep to the left or right to indicate whether your string is flat or sharp.
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When the center green LED lights up, you’re in tune. With a push of the Mode button, the CPST enters its more psychedelic Strobe mode, where red LEDs chase each other in the direction of the tuning error, slowing down progressively to a stationary green indication when the string is up to pitch. A second press of the Mode button accesses the calibration mode, in which the reference pitch can be adjusted to anywhere between A435 and A445 (A440 is the default setting). The CPST is equipped with dual output jacks (one is muted, the other remains active when the tuner is engaged), a battery-eliminator jack, and a thick rubber pad on the bottom to keep the 1.5 lb pedal from sliding around on slick surfaces.