Planet Waves Chordmaster

Planet Waves is proud to offer The Chordmaster, a hand-held guitar chord library that's now available to iPhone and iTouch users through the convenience of the iTunes store.
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 The Chordmaster offers a comprehensive and accurate library of over 7,800 guitar chords, displaying notes and fingerings on a virtual fretboard. While allowing users to view each chord in every position up and down the guitar neck, players can even strum the virtual strings to play and hear each chord in pristine audio. The library, separated into root, chord type, and chord variants, allows users to navigate to any chord easily and quickly, and even comes complete with a “lefty mode” for the often-ignored left-handed players.
“The integration with iTunes is a new and convenient option for iTunes and iPhone/iTouch savvy guitar players to enjoy exploring and expanding their chord vocabulary with this easy-to-use, expansive library,” states Brian Vance, Senior Planet Waves Product Manager. “Our application offers thousands more chords and features than other chord applications available through the store. It’s a perfect tool for players who just want more out of their playing and instrument.”
Available now, users can simply log into their iTunes store account and search Planet Waves to download the application for just $1.99
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