Planet Sample Releases Three New Electronica Loop CDs

PlanetSample provides sample CDs for producers of Ambient, Acid Jazz, Big Beat, Dance, Downtempo, Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, House, Lounge, Techno, Trance and Trip Hop. They have now released three new sample CDs, available in a variety of formats.

Elements Of Electronica provides you with the essentials for making Electronica tracks. Everything from deep beats to weird and whacky sfx, it's all represented here. Tempos range from 76-156 BPM.


  • 46 Bass Loops
  • 65 Beats
  • 10 Delay FX
  • 54 Ear Candy Samples
  • 28 Groove Construction
  • 72 Guitar Loops
  • 9 Long SFX
  • 44 Percussion Loops
  • 10 Pulsators
  • 50 Rhodes Loops
  • 21 SFX Loops-
  • 542MB of 16-bit, 44khz Loops
  • 441 Original, Royalty Free Samples

Next up is Beats, Basses and Grooves. This CD delivers Electronica Beats, Basses, Percussion, Synths and Grooves. Lots of filter sweeps, ring mods, delays, and a whole galaxy of sonic sweetness. Tempos range from 76-146 BPM.


  • 49 Bass Loops
  • 37 Beats
  • Groove Kit 01-35 Loops
  • Groove Kit 02-21 Loops
  • Groove Kit 03-18 Loops
  • 9 Keyboard Loops
  • 46 Percussion Loops
  • 17 Synth Loops
  • 668MB of 24-bit, 44khz Samples
  • 232 Original Royalty Free Samples

The third title is The Interplanetary Drone, a trance inducing exploration in ambient sound intended to create more flow for your music, as mood enhancers, and especially as tension builders. The CD goes from soft, peaceful and angelic to distorted evil. Most of the drones run between 1 and 2 minutes in length.


  • 5 Build-ups
  • 42 Drones
  • 28 Hits
  • 694MB of 24-bit, 44khz Samples

All loops and samples are available in the following formats: ACIDized Wave files, Apple Loop Format AIFF files, Standard Audio CDs, E-mu EOS format, E-mu Emulator X format, Reason Refills and Korg Triton Sample Format. All CDs in Reason Refill, E-mu Eos, Emulator X, Audio and Korg Triton are 16-bit 44khz.

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