Photon 25 and X25 USB Keyboard Controllers Shipping

Alesis is now shipping the Photon 25 and X25 Keyboard Controllers, featuring velocity sensitive keyboards, an intuitive and fully assignable user interface for controlling one''s software/hardware DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), plus a wealth of assignable knobs, buttons, and switches. Further, the Photon X25 incorporates Alesis'' AXYZ Controller Dome and audio I/O.

Optimized for controlling and manipulating software via USB, the Photon 25 offers user customizable templates that can be placed on the front panel. It also includes an X/Y joystick to control pitch bend, modulation, or other parameters, plus forty immediately accessible controls and twelve high-resolution knobs with three active layers. Further, the Photon 25 includes a 4-character LED display, plus twenty editable and storable configurations.

The Photon X25 is the solution for musicians who want new tools for their software as well as audio I/O for high-quality recording and playback from their computers. The Photon X25 includes Alesis' AXYZ Controller Dome with 3D control over audio effects and virtual instruments with the wave of one's hand. The Dome is particularly well suited, as an example, for creating filter effects. This controller provides ten 360-degree endless knobs, ten buttons, and three active layers for over sixty immediately accessible controls. Additionally, the Photon X25 provides 24-bit, 44.1/48 kHz audio support with balanced, stereo audio inputs and outputs.

Both the Photon 25 and Photon X25 can be powered three ways--via USB bus power, an optionally available external adapter, or by using four "C" size batteries (Optional). Both instruments are Windows XP and Mac OSX ready.

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